6 Insights on Gaining Happiness

Candid talk on a recipe that helped me find harmony both in personal and professional lives

1. Rid off the toxic stuff

This is that kind of thing that hard to imagine beforehand without going through it. But when you’ve tried, you are never coming back to the previous way of being. In my life, there are two types of toxic things — one that relates to the mind and another that relates to the body.

  • less fatigue — more stamina and courage to go for long-term accomplishments;
  • fewer thoughts about pain and diseases — more space for constructive and bold ideas, and wider bandwidth for a larger amount of information.

2. Defeat your fears

There are so many of them — fear of failure (my favorite one), fear of success (yeah, it’s a real thing), fear of missing out, fear of being judged, fear of being in a spotlight, fear of name-it-yourself. There are two things about that. Bad — they all are hidden very well in the subconscious and hard to distinguish from a real way of your mind’s thinking. Good — they aren’t new and there are lots of techniques to deal with fears from books to couches and therapists. One thing I can guarantee — once you’ve defeated at least one of them the next would be easier to take over. This process is like weeding your garden and enjoying the flourishing flowers afterward. Like any caring gardener of your mind, you do need to do this weeding process regularly because fears we obtained once can return even we’ve defeated them in the past. No worries now you’ll be aware of them and fully equipped to win the battle. Thanks to this approach, monsters in my head don’t look like ones from a scary movie anymore instead after a while they are like Monsters, Inc. world residents. They make you smile, right? And this is one step towards obtaining a joyful mood.

3. Dig into your true nature

It is surprising though many people don’t realize what their true desires are. I’ve been among those until recently. Situations when you make choices that aline with someone’s authority, trends, persuasions were very common things and as the result, my true self wasn’t satisfied that led to unhappiness. This odd state of affairs even drew a conclusion that design is not my thing because I don’t match someone’s tastes and believes about whom designers should be. It’s ridiculous because in fact those rare moments of true happiness and states of flow in the past were related to the creation and designing process.

4. Accept the fact “You’re unique!”

There is a Goldie-Socks situation when it comes to self-esteem — when it’s too little, when it’s too much and when it’s just right. In most cases, my option is too little. Once I received a piece of advice to use a multiplier when I need to decide on my abilities to accomplish things. Advice is great, very logical indeed. However, how would I define this multiplier, though? Good question, right? I haven’t found an answer yet but come up with another solution. When you dig your true nature out of junky thoughts and believes you need to embrace this raw quintessence and nourish it at least as much as previous substitutes. There is one statement that is a real helper here.

There is a trifling chance someone else could be on the very same spot and at the very same moment in time and space with you. This makes you a unique combination of all experiences you’ve been through.

It means no matter whether those situations from the past were good or bad they definitely had an impact on my mindset making it exclusive with all its wrinkles and scratches but beautiful like a wooden pattern. So when in doubt about your uniqueness have a look at your palms and fingers. They have a perfect reminder about this theory — all set of lines you see there took a shape that resembles only you.

5. Do what you love every day

“Do what you love!” is a must-have these days, especially for creatives. So I’d like to stress out on a tiny detail that adds a new meaning here. It’s frequency.

6. Find a companion

This is a special ingredient I hold to the very last moment. The reason is that everything above requires continuous support, occasional guidance, cheerful encouragement, and thoughtful advising. I put all of these into a concept of a companion. For me, this word means a lot but in the first place, it’s a partner. For everyone else this could be a couch, a friend, a teacher, a mentor, a parent, a spouse, you pick it. The point is that it’s good to have someone by your side when you are dealing with fears or self-doubts, someone who could back you up at the moment of need. I’m glad to have someone like this on my way to gaining constant happiness.

Wrapping up

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